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Take risks now and do something bold

You Won't Regret It.


Pratham Youth Community being an exclusive group of young change makers from different walks of life will play a proactive role in the development process of every individual.

PYC is focusing on empowering the youth of India to learn various skills through resources provided and utilize their knowledge and capabilities to work for their overall growth and betterment.

It will bring together various individual providing a networking opportunity with the people they can vibe with. The community will be perfectly proven platform for students to make their college life much amazing by bringing forth the wide opportunities for learning and fun, alltogether. The most happening experience of exciting trips to the best place and that too with the coolest people , a therapy you will surely need.

PYC, working towards solving issues of student life,  and overall development , will also focus on taking them out from the everyday routine by lining up various thrilling activities at regular intervals.



Nightclub party




We're Open


Real people, Real feelings. We care for each and every member of the community and are ready to go out of our way to help each one of them.

We Keep

It Real

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We are honest and transparent and have a strict no bull shit policy 

We Are 

Cool AF

We are the kind of people you can REALLY vibe with.



We are nimble, entrepreneurial and prepared for the unexpected. We are open and prepared to solve new problems every day

None of us is as smart as all of us





Pratham is a Gujarat Govt. funded start-up that works with the motto of Student Empowerment. Pratham started its journey in 2018 as Pratham Notebook, the coolest notebook brand, that makes premium quality, youth-oriented notebooks and provides them directly to students at affordable prices. Pratham Notebook has sold over 2 lakh notebooks, employed over 1000 students and provided advertising solutions to 50+ companies. Pratham believes in evolving with every opportunity and obstacle and hence, to do more for the students, We launched- Pratham Youth Community.

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