Meet the leaders:

Neel Panchal

Founder and CEO

Kalash Shah

Chief Marketing Officer

Want to make amazing stories for anything and everything, he’s great at it! A man with vision, working hard to achieve it every day.

Yesha Panchal

Business Development Executive

With Self Discipline, all things are possible, is what she believes. A girl you can talk with about all nonsense and also the most serious stuff.

Parth Bhalodia

Business Development Executive

A football stan who works smart, and with the dream of becoming the Messi of Marketing, he understands that it is more about stories you tell than the stuff you sell.

Bhavika Tekwani

Business Development Executive

Amarpreet SIngh

HR Executive

Sarcastic and smart, talk to her once and she gets all about your personality.

Meenal Songire

HR Executive

Want everything perfect and on time, she’s the go-to person. Deeply driven towards working for success, she’s fiercely ambitious.

Aesha Gandhi

Legal Executive

Her thoughts are as sharp as her dance moves.

Maharsh Shah

Tech Head

Passionate techie and a team worker. Creating the platform that brings PYC to you. Always up for new ideas and solving problems by weaving the web.

Raveena Phulwani

Social Media Executive

Bold and calm, she is full of creativity and ideas. Can easily get you out of small talk awkwardness with her open ended discussions over a cup of chai!